Asset Management

Let us prove it to you!

We understand you have hundreds of Assets to manage and only so many hours in a day.

It’s our belief that the Agent needs to be proactive in the on-boarding and sales cycle, rather than a bottleneck in your work flow.


24 hour turn-around on Initial Assignments!

It’s our belief that the Agent needs to be proactive in the on-boarding and sales cycle, rather than a bottleneck in your work flow.

$100K+ Available For Repairs

Cash & LOC available for repairs/inspections

Assets in repair status? We have you covered! The PA/NJ HouseLink Team will have initial inspections ordered and will walk those inspectors through your requirements to make sure nothing is missed.

Once inspections are completed we can assist in compiling the scope and will coordinate, if required, the 1st or 2nd bid, making sure the job is quoted correctly the first time and reducing the need for change orders.

Complete Asset Visability

“Cloud” accessibility to all photos, videos, reports

The PA/NJ HouseLink Team has shared “Cloud” accessibility to all of the Asset’s data; including photos, videos, PDFs & reports.

Want to see the progress on repairs? Check out the “repair status” folder in photos for the weekly occ check update.  Need to confirm details on the HVAC inspection? The Inspections folder has everything you need.

Video & Photo Evaluation

Drone footage, interior & exterior, room-by-room video and photos of all properties included for evaluation.

Where possible, we do Drone footage of properties to accurately assess exterior condition and neighborhood influences, as well as, complete exterior & interior walk-through videos that allow asset managers to visually evaluate properties.

Vendor Network

Vetted vendor network for everything from initial secures to complete rehabs.

Inspections, rehabs, secures, board-ups & everything in-between – the PA/NJ HouseLink Team as a vetted and trusted network of Industry professionals available to bid out entire projects or supply a second quote.

Utility Activation Experts

Systems & utilities up-and-running quickly, avoiding lost marketing time

Utilities, the bane of every Asset Manager and REO Agent’s existence! One advantage of doing REO for 10 plus years is the municipality contacts we’ve made and can “util”ize!

Baring code inspections, we can usually have systems up in running in under a week.

Sheriff Deed Expediting

Get the deed recorded and back faster!

Don’t let the Deed Recording for the property hold up the sale! We start the follow-up process with the County the week after assignment and continue weekly until it’s recorded! Plus, if needed, we have connections, we can “lean” on in most Counties, to expedite the recording process.