Pro Marketing

Marketing sells houses!

The days of two blurry, pre-trashed out,MLS photos and one line marketing descriptions are over!

Whether your Assets are being sold “as-is” or repaired/rehabbed,  great Marketing, including high resolution photos, video and fully filled-out MLS information, drives offers and everyone knows that multiple offers drive your sale price higher.


Like being there; without being there.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then video is worth a million.

We, not only, shoot high resolution (up to 4K in most cases) video – interior & exterior – on our initial walk-through, throughout the repair or rehab process, after the sales clean and for final Marketing but in most cases also shoot Drone video to assess damages and or potential problem areas that may not be noticeable from ground-level.


Pictures sell houses!

The PA/NJ HouseLink Team uses super wide angle lenses and an 18+ megapixel camera to capture every room in its entirety.

Plus, every room is shot at multiple angles, not only for MLS Marketing but so, you the Asset Manager, can get the full picture of what’s going on in the property.


We measure everything.

Room sizes are there for a reason; Investors & owner occupants want to know. It’s also the reason the MLS forces you to add room dimensions. Unfortunately “0 x 0” is a valid dimension and used frequently in REO MLS Marketing.

The HouseLink Team adds the real room sizes to every MLS listing.


School Districts are important!

There’s a reason you can search the MLS for a specific school district; both Owner Occupants and Investors want to be in a district they know will add value or be the best fit for their children.

We make sure that every listing, in the MLS, has School information included.